holiday soymilk

i think it’s kind of cute how the vegan community gets all excited about their holiday soymilk flavors. i was never a huge fan of egg nog in the first place, but i always get a kick out of everyone gearing up to buy their silk nog, or their holly nog, or what have you. i will admit that i even bought some this year. i blame excitation transfer.

a new flavor has hit the market this season, however, and it is right up my alley. peppermint chocolate vitasoy, people. holy smokes, i was so excited to find out about this stuff! then i remembered that no one carries vitasoy anything in this town. *sniff*

i’ve checked everywhere, just to be sure. no luck. i’ve felt a little sorry for myself when i see other people crowing about how amazingly delicious it is. boo hoo for me, right? but then i remembered–doy!–vegans buy things online. vegan essentials, cosmo’s vegan shoppe, my homies have me covered. yay!



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