get a super combo!

i really, really, really heart compassion over killing. i think they’re one of the greatest organizations out there. i’ve talked about them before (several times), so i’ll try not to repeat myself too much, but seriously–they rock. hard.

((oh lordy, i just realized that i’m wearing a  CoK shirt today. hee! i’m a groupie.))

compassion over killing was incredibly instrumental in my shift to veganism. after watching meet your meat, i continued researching the dairy and egg industries and i happened upon CoK’s cache of undercover battery hen videos. i was floored. the one-two punch of those two videos really sealed the deal for me, and there was no going back.

but enough about me. CoK does a lot of amazing work. aside from the undercover videos and the open rescues, they work to get the message out to a wide audience by advertising on MTV. they fought hard to get the bogus "animal care certified" label off of egg cartons. they have mounted a wide variety of investigations and campaigns, every one of them worthwhile and impressive. and they’re NOT a giant group of people! they’re pretty darn small, and that is incredibly inspiring to me. and their director, erica meier, is a total sweetheart. i met her at AR2006 after emailing with her a few times, and i was kind of star-struck. i’m a bit of a dork when it comes to things like that, but my point remains: she’s awesome.

anyway, i’m gushing about CoK right now because i learned last night that herbivore is doing another one of their kickass fundraisers: behold, the super combo! for $35, you get a super-sweet new t-shirt with cute birdies on it (boy-style or girl-style, your choice), and a set of five notecards with the same design. CoK gets a chunk of the proceeds. OR if you’re not in a t-shirt mood, you can just get the notecards for $10–CoK still gets the proceeds. that is a pretty lovely deal, in my opinion. i bought me a super combo pretty much immediately after i learned it existed. i’m C-o-Krazy like that.

so what are you waiting for? CoK wants to help more animals! give them your money! aww, you’re the bestest. *smooch*



  1. i ordered mine as soon as joshivore posted on vff about them! 😀
    one of the things that amazes me about cok is that it started as a high school project. reminds me to dream big.

  2. My package isn’t here yet, but maybe today…
    I signed up for cok’s newsletter today and sent them an email about an feed-in they’re doing in january, as well as asking about becoming part of their writers group (writing letters to the editor). Your <3'ing about cok helped me remember to do all that! 🙂

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