peanut butter stuffed pretzels

we went to trader joe’s for the first time last night, and at the suggestion of one of my VRF pals, i made a point of searching for the peanut butter stuffed pretzels. i got the unsalted-pretzel kind, because i don’t really need a lot of salt.

we busted into those bad boys today and they’re really good! i have a feeling if i left an open bag anywhere nearby, i’d eat way more than i should. heh.

we also picked up some vanilla sandwich cookies ("with real vanilla bean speckles!"), some chocolate toucan cookies in little 100-calorie packs, a chocolate truffle bar, a jar of pineapple salsa, some cinnamon & sugar pita crisps, and i’m probably forgetting something. anyway, i’m looking forward to trying everything, and i’m also looking forward to going back when i can shop in the fridge/freezer section (we weren’t going home afterward last night, so we only bought dry goods). they had really good prices on a few of my staples, so that was lovely news.

all in all i liked the store, but it had a slightly different vibe than i was expecting. (mostly because i’m dumb and didn’t think things through. knowing that it’s called trader joe’s, it really is exactly what you’d think, if you were anyone but me.) i’ll definitely be a repeat customer!


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