lt. greyson

during today’s cat-socializing portion of my humane society shift, i met a kitteny cat that i almost just stuffed in my pocket and snuck home. he is young, maybe 6 months or so?, and he’s very light grey with slight tabby markings, and white eyeliner. he’s medium-haired (i think… silky, though, not thick) with a puffy tail, and he’s soooo cute and affectionate and sweet! he kept lounging around in his kennel, stretching his paws toward me, rolling and looking at me from upside-down, making cute purr/meow noises, trying to bump noses with me, and basically just making me fall in love with him.

he didn’t have an "i can be socialized!" tag so i couldn’t take him out to the playroom, but that didn’t stop me from flirting shamelessly the whole shift. WANT.

then i switched over to the dog-walking portion of my shift, and met a gooorgeous white pit bull with some tiny black freckles scattered here and there. she was so happy and sweet, and she licked my face right through the bars of her kennel door. precious. she wasn’t ready to be walked, but i visited her at least four times.

during that portion of my shift something really sad happened that i’m not ready to talk about yet, but it made me go visit her an extra time.

when i was all done, i couldn’t get my mind off the little kitty, so i headed back to the cats and visited him once more. seriously, if i could have put him in a pneumatic tube and sent him directly to my house, i think i would have. he’s precious.

on the way home i tried to come up with a name for him, and immediately came up with the highly unoriginal "grayson," which then made me laugh because he’s grey (duh) but he’d also be like our son (ha! i’m such a dork). but then i thought, well idiot, avery is grey, so that’s kind of confusing… but this guy is LIGHT grey, so how about lt. greyson, because that’s just totally weird and also funny (to me) and definitely accurate.

also, as you can see, i hate spelling grey with an a.

to recap: (a) kitten is adorable–very much want him. (b) pit bull is gorgeous–maybe in another lifetime. (c) i am extremely easily amused, as evidenced by creating odd military-slash-master of the obvious names and then cracking myself up.



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