vegan it up!

today i went out to lunch with two of my colleagues and a job candidate we  have in town. we took the candidate to a little italian restaurant right near campus–a place i really like, but don’t get to all that often. anyhow, when i was ordering my pasta (the TB&G, so named because it’s tomato, basil, and garlic tossed with spaghetti), i said, "and i’m not sure if you put cheese on the top before you serve it, but if you do–can you not do that?" our server followed along with me, looking hopeful and happy (about to say, yes! comes with cheese!) and then appropriately sincere (when she realized i was going the totally opposite direction). she said, "sure thing, no problem!"

then one of my colleagues interjected, "you should just say, ‘vegan that up for me!’" heh. i said, "yeah, vegan it up!" and we all giggled. i like it when i can go out to eat with non-vegans and they’re nice to me.

tomorrow night that same colleague and i will be taking a second candidate to dinner. maybe i can try out my new phrase. hee.


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