ruh roh

i promise i won’t write about food today. instead i will write about lt. greyson again. that little guy has gotten under my skin, i’ll tell you what!

i’ve been thinking about him all week, and joking with my husband that we really need a third cat. his response thus far has been a lively rotation of, "oh really, you think so?" and "mmm hmmmm," and "if we get a third cat we are DEFINITELY getting a king size bed," and then back to, "you don’t say." heh.

anyway, i’ve been watching the humane society website pretty closely all week, because at the very least i wanted to know if/when he went up for adoption, so that i could save his picture and show him to my husband. i haven’t seen him hit the website all week, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything–i definitely miss them sometimes; they get adopted before i even see their pictures go up. i’ve been getting a little antsy, though, because with the holiday i wouldn’t normally be going back to volunteer for awhile (my shifts are on mondays, so i’m "excused" on christmas day and new year’s day), and i didn’t want to miss him if i could see him again!

finally today i had reached my limit. i was going to be "in the neighborhood" so i decided i should go in and take a peek in the back. i signed in, put on a smock, and went back to guest lodging. i walked directly to his kennel (row 2, all the way at the end), and–gasp!–the kennel was empty and ready for a new kiddo. honestly, i knew that would be a distinct possibility, but i still felt really disappointed. they very rarely move the cats around (the dogs get bounced around from kennel to kennel a lot, in comparison), so i was 99% sure that he had gone up for adoption and i’d just missed him. still, i checked the end kennel in row 3 in case maybe i’d remembered wrong–also empty.


by that point i thought, heck, no one’s here, it’s quiet, i’m not in anyone’s way–i may as well say hi to all the kitties. so i wandered down row 4, and then row 5, and rounded out my visit by going to row 1. i was peeking in at some of the row 1 kitties when i realized that there was a very insistent, very adorable "meow! meow! meeeow!" being directed at me from a few kennels down. i leaned over to see who it was, and you will never believe this, but it was lt. greyson. he had been moved to a different kennel (i swear that never happens!) and he was the ONE kitty meowing his little head off at the sight of me. :hearty hearty heart:

i was all, "oh my god it’s you! you’re here! wheee!" and he was all, "meow! meow! meeeeow!"

he still didn’t have an "i can be socialized!" tag, so i still couldn’t take him to the playroom, but i did spend about 20 minutes with him there in his kennel. he is just too sweet, seriously. he purred the entire time, he threw himself on the ground and rolled around to get petted on every possible petting surface, he wanted me to snuggle him… he’s just a lovebug. i mean really–where are those pneumatic tubes when you need them?

i asked someone to look up his ID number to get a little bit of information on him… they don’t have much, because he’s a transfer (meaning, we "rescued" him from another shelter) and we don’t get a history on transfers like we do with surrenders. i learned that he’s 8 months old (making him exactly 3 years younger than finley), he was neutered on december 6th, and they’re watching him for a skin problem right now.

with any luck that means he won’t go up for adoption too soon. heh. i’m evil.


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  1. adopt him! the official limit for the number of cats in one household is seven (that is how many walrus and I have), so you have plenty of capacity. but when you have three cats, you must also have a cat tree. 😉

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