welcome to 2007!

happy new year, everyone!

as i mentioned last year, i don’t really do resolutions. i am always drawn to the idea of resolutions, but i rarely make any. this year i am tempted to name a few, but i’m holding off for now.

i also mentioned last year that 2005 was kind of crazy, and went by very quickly for me. i’m sorry to say that 2006 wasn’t much better in those respects. i literally cannot believe it’s 2007 already. it’s freaking me out. the fall semester, in particular, went by in a flash. it makes me panicky. perhaps better time management, and/or truly productive use of my time, is a resolution i should look into. sigh.

because 2007 snuck up on me, i still don’t have new wall calendars for home or for school. right now i have last year’s PeTA calendar at home, last year’s farm sanctuary calendar at school, and i also still have a 2005(!) clay aiken calendar hanging at school (what? i liked it!). i wish more animal rights organizations made awesome calendars. i will definitely be getting a new farm sanctuary one for school, but i’m still shopping for at least one other. any recommendations?



  1. I recommend making your own calendar!
    I’m making one from pics I’ve taken over this past year at poplar spring animal sanctuary. I’m going to try to make it AR-lite, having titles with the names and either a personality tidbit or what they were rescued from. Still in progress, but I plan to get it done this week, and then I’m going to order them. Amateur, obviously, but if you want one of mine let me know. It is $13.95 plus shipping; that’s just what it costs to order them, I’m not doing this to make money, obviously! You can even customize it with special dates, if you are so inclined.
    Procrastinating less is one of my resolutions, but obviously that doesn’t help me get the calendar done in time for 1/1/07. :p

  2. sarah, thanks for the heads up about animal place! i just ordered their “holiday gift pack,” which is a special deal on a foster (i chose herbie the steer), a video, and a calendar. rock!
    deb, your calendar sounds purty. is there a way i can see it online or somethin’?

  3. I’ll put the pics up and link them for you when I have it finalized in the next couple days. I have to get with Terry at Poplar Spring to get info (and sometimes names) on some of the animals.
    I’ll probably have more pics than I need, so you could even choose which pictures you wanted to use, if you end up wanting one! 🙂

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