my blog hit 25,000 page views today. i know that’s a teeny tiny drop in the bucket for a lot of people, but i’m feeling kind of impressed and humbled. hooray for me! *blush* <–see?

i suppose i should start saying better stuff.

i used to "save up" my blog posts until i needed to rant or reflect on something in particular, but after awhile i got so inhibited that i almost stopped posting entirely. then NaBloPoMo happened and i posted every single day in november, no matter what. i internalized the habit and i’ve blogged every day in december and january so far, too. of course that means that a lot of my posts are more "off the cuff" and several of them have been brief and/or silly, but i’m glad that i’m writing again.

next step: continue daily habit, but work on stronger content. i have lots of opinions but sometimes i’m shy about sharing them. i’ll try to make that more of a priority.

anyway, mostly i just wanted to say: thank you for reading my blog! it makes me feel so special. i heart you.



  1. kate–wow, avery and pablo really do look a lot alike! avery is also from a shelter; he was an outside cat for a year before he got picked up by animal control and brought to the shelter. i’m not sure of his breed… we always say he’s a russian blue mix, because the color is right but the eyes/face shape aren’t. i think he makes siamese-y faces sometimes, and he’s VERY talkative, so i just “decided” that he’s russian blue and siamese. heh.
    gladcow–thank you!! :hearty heart:

  2. 25,000 is a lot, from my perspective! (I was happy to hit 500!) Congrats!
    I agree with gladcow – I’m very happy you participated in NaBloPoMo because I look forward to your daily posts. I think that even your off the cuff and silly ones are great, and sitting down to read your blog *is* much like sitting down with a nice vegan chai. 🙂

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