nothing in particular

i’m on my way to girls’ night, where i’m told i’ll be eating lots of vegan goodies. yay! the friend who’s hosting tonight eats almost vegan (it’s basically vegan + fish) when she is doing religious fasts, which she was a week ago, so she played around with a bunch of recipes and she’s doing almost everything vegan tonight. i’m very excited.

tomorrow is the fur demo. i’m nervous for a few reasons, but i’m going to go. please send me strength. heh.

in other news, this morning i bought tickets to see the shins next month. i am what they call SuperPsyched about that. woo! (hee, right now i’m listening to the decemberists, and avery just decided to meow along. he’s awesome.)

more tomorrow, when hopefully i’ll have something of substance to say!



  1. Enjoy your night out! Tomorrow will go just fine, I’m sure. Mr. Flower and I wish we could be there with you & both send strength vibes your way! 🙂

  2. Strength, strength, strength — oh, hey, wait, you’ve already gone and done, huh? I hope the demo went very, very well, then. Looking forward to hearing a detailed report of the event!
    Love the new look, btw.

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