scratchy throat of love

my voice is hoarse because i spent the entire day laughing. i haven’t done that in a long time, and i really needed it.

i spent the whole day with a pile of amazing vegan friends… first at a meetup, where i had the best falafel i have ever eaten in my life… next, at my house, where we sampled some not-at-all good sheese (more on that later)… and then at another restaurant for dinner. we ate A LOT today, which: awesome. well, awesome except for the sheese, but then again even the sheese allowed for lots of hilarity.

we went grocery shopping, and we talked about our cats, and we were alternately serious and silly, and we played with avery & finley (who loved all the extra attention they were getting), and all and all it was just a wonderful day. i feel very lucky that they all came to town, and i can’t wait to see them all again. whee!



  1. mishka–i was stoopid and didn’t have my camera out. molly and dave both took pictures, though, so keep an eye on their flickrs. 🙂
    eric–they most certainly do!
    flower–me too, kitten!
    ryan–we actually tried five different kinds! the medium cheddar was okay; the rest i thought were pretty intolerable. 😦 i’ll be writing a real post about them soon, i promise.

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