i’m a dork. i miss my blog. i think i need to have my own personal NaBloPoMo to get myself going again.

i actually have all kinds of things to chat about, but i keep not "letting" myself take time out to write about them. i have no idea what my deal is lately. i think it’s just stress.

while i’m here, i will give you finley update: he is doing very very well! honestly he’s at 100% of his former sassy adorable snuggly squirrelly self. yaaay! he had his one-month follow-up appointment recently, and his blood tests came back fine. basically that means that his meds are doing their job, and he seems to be responding quite well. whew! we are so relieved; i’ve literally been moved to tears thinking about how much better he is now. in july he will go in for a repeat sonogram, and then i assume we’ll learn a bit more about what’s going on in that sweet little heart of his. in the meantime, fingers crossed that he keeps doing great!


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  1. sooooo glad finley is doing well. i just found your blog via madness’ and was sad to hear of what you’ve all been thru and so happy things are better.
    as a lover of six rescued felines who have been thru a slew of similar situations (cancer/kidney woes/liver issues/thyroid irregularities/urinary issues/knee surgeries/food poisoning) i felt your pain as i read. luckily, we too have been blessed with six miraculously strong and resilient miracle workers and all are healthy to this day. but each problem we’ve helped them thru has always been heart-wrenching…and it never ceases to amaze us, how much love we have for these precious creatures.
    so much love to you all!

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