farm sanctuary walk (2007)

wow, am i ever late to the game in promoting this. on sunday, i’ll be walking for the third time in farm sanctuary’s walk for farm animals. i think most cities have already completed their walk, but we’re special so we’re not doing it until october 13th. heh.

each year that i’ve walked, a different person/organization has been "in charge," which keeps things interesting. this year, like last year, i’ve approached several businesses about posting notices about the walk, and had a pretty good response to that. i love being out and about and seeing one of the posters! i have my fundraising page all set up, and i sent out my emails, but it looks like i was a bit too ambitious with my monetary goal this year. hee! oh well, whatever pledges i can get will be helpful, so it’s all good.

during last year’s walk i was riding high on my recent visit to the CA farm sanctuary, which was awesome. it gave me such a sense of purpose! i know that sounds kind of corny, but it’s true. this year, i will be walking on my vegan anniversary (it will be 3 years on saturday), which is equally awesome. i can’t think of many better ways to commemorate such an important day.


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