the landfill kitten

yesterday i had just finished my cat-socializing shift and just started my dog-walking shift at the humane society when a very interesting thing happened.[/run-on; awkward]

let me start over.

yesterday at the humane society, i spent two hours playing with kitties. i do this every monday, and then i spend another two hours walking pups. it is often the highlight of my week. the cats i snuggled yesterday had some sad stories… one of them was abandoned by his person when his person moved to china(!) but luckily the person’s landlord took the kitty in. unfortunately, the landlord’s dog wasn’t fond of the cat, and she felt he deserved better than being pestered by a dog constantly, so she surrendered him to us. he was a total sweetie and i spent a really long time cuddling him. another one of yesterday’s kitties had been surrendered a month ago because his first person developed allergies, and then was re-surrendered after living in his new home for a month because of "roommate conflict." he was also a total sweetie, and i spent some good quality time with him. anyhow, eventually it became time to switch to the dogs.

i did my walk-through and marked down all the dogs who could go for a walk, and then i got ready to take the first one out. he was a sassy little puppy who was completely adorable, but on the negative side, he thought it was his job to eat my shoes, my shoelaces, and my jeans rather than go for a walk. it was a challenge, to say the least, to get him down the hallway and out the door. i found myself actually trying to figure out how to grow my arm longer so that i would be able to do a better job holding him away from my feet and legs.

almost as soon as we got outside the building and around the corner from the door, someone honked. this actually happens a lot; people see us out walking the dogs and they honk so that we’ll stop and give them a good look at the pup. i’ve become a little desensitized to the honking, i’ll admit. so when this happened yesterday, i briefly turned around, noticed a ginormous truck, and then continued trying to wrestle my puppy down the block. about 10 seconds later, they honked again. that doesn’t usually happen, so i paid better attention this time. the ginormous truck pulled up alongside me, and i noticed that it was a waste management truck–the biggest one i’ve ever seen, seriously. and in it was a huge guy–linebacker huge–who rolled down the passenger window and yelled to me, "i’ve got a present for you!"

i was a little confused at this point and so i said what any intelligent person would say, "huh?"

at that moment, this massive guy in the massive truck held aloft the sweetest smallest kitten you ever did see. he was probably about 8 weeks old (i’m guessing here), mostly black with a little white (but dirty) blaze on his nose, and white toes. the guy said, "i work at the landfill and he was just wandering around out there! i wanted to bring him here so he would be safe." at that moment, of course, i melted and i waved him over.

he climbed down out of his truck and walked over with the kitten. he explained that he takes these huuuge trailer thingies to the landfill and dumps them, and just as he was about to dump one, this little kitten wandered over behind his back wheels. he said, "i love animals SO much, and i was just really afraid something bad might happen to him. he was all alone. i think he’s hungry." i totally wanted to give the guy a hug, and i probably thanked him a billion times. in the meantime, my crazy puppy was totally distracted by the New Person and the Giant Truck so he had actually started to behave. heh.

the man handed the kitten to me, and he was super social and sweet. he was purring when i got him and he never stopped the entire time i was holding him. what a peanut! i assured the guy that i would do whatever i could to get him taken care of, i thanked him one more time, and then i headed back inside with my precious contraband. amazingly i was able to get the puppy back into his kennel without ever alerting him to the kitten’s presence, and then i went about my business figuring out how to "surrender" the kitten so he wouldn’t be marked as a stray and sent to animal control.

i’ve probably already said too much, so let’s just leave it at that. adorable landfill kitten is safe!!

UPDATE: and now up for adoption! hee.


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