it’s turkey time again!

if you’re a long-time reader, you’ll know that this is my third time promoting farm sanctuary’s adopt-a-turkey project. the first year, i adopted pumpkin, and last year, i adopted sunflower and blossom. well, farm sanctuary recently sent out their adoption call, and last week i adopted juniper. lookit the sun shining through her wattle! isn’t that the best?

please consider sponsoring a turkey this year! your $20 donation goes a long way toward helping feed and house the turkeys that live at farm sanctuary. i met the california turkeys last year, and they are both adorable and hilarious. if you’re a vegan surrounded by omnis (like me), you could even take the picture of your adopted turkey to your family thanksgiving and talk sweetly to it all through dinner. hee.

and if you’re anywhere near new york or california, you should definitely go to the celebration for the turkeys, and pet a turkey for me.


  1. Lmao! I’ve never heard of this at all, but I love it! I may have to blog about it myself just to help get the word out. Thanks for the links. 😀

  2. Last year I sponsored Sunflower and Blossom also. Their pics have been on my refrig all year. This year I am sponsoring Blossom again and Magnolia. Makes Thanksgiving a holiday to be thankful for!

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