what is my problem?

i was just looking at msnbc.com and noticed that they had a video story (presumably from tonight’s nbc national news) about the wildebeest migration. it was something about global warming–excuse me, "climate change"–affecting animals as well as humans. i was actually pretty impressed that the national news would devote time to such a story, and i love good animal footage, so i clicked the link.

of course, as usual, this was a mistake.

the story was quite good, but in the process i was treated to footage of a sweet baby wildebeest who broke his leg crossing a river. it totally broke my heart, and the news people took a liking to him and tried to follow him all day. eventually the herd met up with lions, and there was some drama watching the injured baby. my stomach started to hurt. i kept watching anyway, like an idiot, thinking, "they won’t show that on the news." he escaped harm the first time, surrounded by his mother and other adult wildebeests. but of course, they met up with lions again, and eventually i had to see him being killed by lions.

there was also brief footage of another wildebeest being killed by lions, and another being killed by a crocodile.

i probably should just never ever ever EVER click on news stories about animals. i’m far too optimistic, and often disappointed.



  1. Even when it’s natural I still feel sad.
    And I’m definitely making a similar mental note to never ever click on news stories about animals. The unnatural state of affairs is depressing enough as it is.

  2. I know how you feel. This is one of the many reasons I gave up on VRF. There are too many disturbing stories and videos out there and I wish to avoid them at all costs. I don’t need to be reminded about them, especially when I’m trying to enjoy myself. I’m sorry you had to watch that. Nature (and man) suck the big one sometimes.

  3. Nature doesn’t bother me too much. I don’t mind watching Planet Carnivore or something similar, as long it’s about something furry. (Reptiles and fish bore me.)
    But news stories about animal cruelty make me a little depressed for the rest of the day. I try to not read them in any detail, and I hate when people bring them up in conversation without warning.
    And twice now, I’ve passed a “live cargo” semi-truck full of cows on the highway and felt my vaguely nauseated. Horrible.

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