let’s try this again

okay, i think the coast is clear and i’m free to post safely. whew!

so, earlier, i was trying to tell you about what i’ve been eating. last night we went out to karyn’s cooked, and it was really tasty. the restaurant is very pretty inside–it’s cozy and inviting. we sat at a tall table near the back, so we had a great view of everyone else’s food. hee! i get so excited when i get to go to a vegan (or super-vegan-friendly) restaurant, because there’s SO much i can choose from. i honestly didn’t know what i wanted to eat for the longest time; i just couldn’t decide. we ordered guacamole for the table, and to be honest i was a little underwhelmed. we got a small scoop of guacamole, and then the rest of the enormous plate was covered with raw carrots, raw broccoli, pico de gallo, two dipping sauces, and a handful of tortilla chips. i don’t know about you, but when i order something called "guacamole," i want a big ol’ thing of guacamole and a basket of chips. for the four of us to split that order, none of us really got much guac, is what i’m saying. kinda lame.

the rest of dinner, however, was pretty awesome. i ordered the green enchiladas (one of last night’s specials), which were filled with garlic mashed potatoes (crazy? or crazy like a fox!) and smothered in tomatillo sauce, and served with sides of fancy rice and refried black beans. YUM. i scraped my plate clean. my husband got the lasagna (which was good, although he found the sauce rather salty), and our dinner companions (both omnis, but both extremely good sports) got the falafel and the veggie wrap. after dinner, my husband and i split a piece of banana cake, upon the recommendation of two different servers, and it was also very good. i was sooo full afterward, it was ridiculous. i would definitely go back.

tonight, we headed to the chicago diner with two of our good friends (both vegetarians, super-vegan-friendly), which i was totally excited about because i’ve been wanting to go there for ages. we had to wait a little bit to get seated, but we ended up in one of their cute wooden booths, so that was fun. once again i was in total options-overload, because i wanted to eat everything. i’ve heard great things about so many items on their menu, i couldn’t decide. we ordered some nachos for the table, and they were really really good. we snarfed them up right quick. as for dinner entrees: two of us ordered the roasted red pepper ravioli (with steamed veggies and garlic bread on the side), one of us ordered the ruben (with mac & cheese on the side), and one of us ordered the philly cheezesteak (with mashed potatoes & gravy on the side). i had the ravioli, and i also tried the mac & cheese and the mashed taters. every single thing was delicious. seriously. i was in heaven.

of course, when the dessert menus came out, we all wanted to have some, even though we were totally full. our friends split a piece of pumpkin spice cake with chocolate ganache (delicious), my husband had the carrot cake (delicious, and i don’t even really like carrot cake), and i had a pumpkin spice shake (Oh Em GEE it was sooooooooooooo good). my shake was made with pumpkin spice ice cream (chicago soydairy temptation), and the inside of the glass was drizzled with chocolate before they filled it up. sinful. i wish i could drink one every day, no joke. i heart the chicago diner.

in sum: i have had two REALLY good dinners over the past two days. i hope to keep the streak alive!



  1. yay for you and your good meals!
    isn’t it funny how we suddenly have a hard time with menus and deciding what we want to eat when we go to super veg-friendly restaurants!? i have that problem too. and i get extra excited (and upset!) when they have desserts for me too. normally, i don’t eat dessert and i’m good with that, but i cannot pass up a restaurant-prepared vegan dessert!! that would just be dumb! πŸ˜‰
    i never used to have this problem, even when i was omni and could eat anything on the list.

  2. Ah, yes. Chicago Diner is my favorite place to eat. Are you still in Chicago? If so, and you have a little time, you might want to trek up to Evanston (just a few miles) and eat at “Blind Faith.” They are vegetarian with many vegan options. They used to have lemon seitan with broccoli and rice, which was my favorite meal in the whole world. Now, for reasons beyond my comprehension, that is off of the regular menu and is one of their specials. Anyway, they make some other great stuff, including massive heaps of very good guacamole. Just something to think about…

  3. river–yes! it’s kind of a hilarious problem to have, really. and i’m like you–i never used to order dessert in restaurants, but nowadays if i’m in a vegany restaurant and they have dessert: i’m probably saving room. heh.
    michelle–yes, i’m still in chicago, until sunday. and it’s so funny that you’d mention blind faith, because we’re planning to go there on sunday for lunch with some good friends of ours who are new residents of evanston. πŸ™‚ we ate there for the first time in august, and it was sooooo goooood.
    stegan–you really do need to make it a priority! there’s lots of good eating to be had. πŸ™‚

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