the random sentence

earlier this week, stegan tagged me for a meme. i’m terribly bad at getting my memes done, so i have a few piled up around here. i’ll start with stegan’s, since it’s the most recent and it’s super-easy. the basic gig is that you go to page 161 of the book you are currently reading, and transcribe the fifth sentence. i am currently reading four books (five, if you count the textbook i’m teaching out of right now!), but lucky for you, i only have three of them with me in chicago. i checked page 161 of skinny bitch, and it was a page of menus, so that’s boring. i also checked page 161 of my textbook, and it’s the middle of a weird example, so nevermind.

so, the lucky winner of my random sentence meme is the esteemed gary francione, from introduction to animal rights: your child or the dog?

Although we may be justified in or excused for preferring the human over the nonhuman in a situation of true emergency or conflict, this does not mean that we should not choose the animal in some circumtances.

there you have it!


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