stealth thanksgiving

so, today i went to my "mother’s side thanksgiving" (we always have two celebrations: my mom’s family on the day itself, and my dad & stepmom’s family on the saturday following). you may remember from last year that it’s not my favorite dinner. this year, my gram has been dealing with some rather intense health issues, so her brother offered to handle the turkey and the stuffing, and my mom offered to handle everything else. my mom’s brother lives upstairs from my grandparents (it’s a duplex), so i sorta kinda offered to supervise the mashed potatoes and the peas and corn. those are the three things i always have to pull aside and fix for myself before they get tons of butter and/or milk added to them, so i thought that if i was sly, maybe this year i’d be able to get away with making them all vegan.

so, we brought our own vegetarian stuffing (made by my husband), and when everyone started bustling in my grandparents’ kitchen, my husband and i went upstairs to commandeer my uncle’s kitchen. we made our vegetarian gravy, made the peas and corn, and started cooking the potatoes. we also popped our stuffing in the oven to start reheating. we brushed off a couple of offers for help, and Operation: Replace Butter With Earth Balance went into full effect. i am happy to announce that the mashed potatoes and veggies were totally vegan at this year’s dinner, and no one was any the wiser. everyone ate the vegan stuff, i felt less like a teevy-dinner weirdo, and my dinner was yum.

still not my favorite thing in the world, but better than years past.

p.s. my mom gets an honorable mention for VERY sweetly picking up three different desserty/snacky-type items specifically for me, so that i could eat candy and chocolate with everyone else.



  1. that’s so nice! my sister hosted our dinner and she is much more willing to make some food vegan for everyone. my dad prefers to make a small vegan version and a regular version for everyone. so with my sister cooking, i asked in advance what she was making and told her what items i wanted to eat and asked her to make sure those were for me too. she did. and then i supplemented by bringing tofurky and a dessert. so it worked out for me too.
    still, nothing beats the thankful veg-head dinners, where EVERYTHING is vegan. 🙂

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