thanksgiving again

last night my husband and i had leftover stuffing & mashed potatoes for dinner (which was super-awesome), and today we had a "real" thanksgiving all over again with my dad & stepmom’s side of the family. everything was vegan except for the turkey, the stuffing (we brought our own as usual), and the green bean casserole (no big loss; i wouldn’t have eaten that anyway). there was even–get this–a butter dish out, with earth balance instead of butter. seriously.

awkward moment of the day: my step-grandmother explaining to my (vegetarian) three-year-old niece, with wonder in her voice, that "we" would be having TURKEY today, did you see it in the oven? well let’s go see it, you have to see it! UGH. poor little confused kitten went into the kitchen with her, then came skipping back into the family room to give me a hug. when i picked her up, she said her standard diet catchphrase, "we don’t eat meat!" and i said, "that is absolutely right, sweetie!"

i learned that she later adapted this catchphrase to, "i don’t eat meat, but i DO eat cupcakes!" hee.



  1. So your step-grandmother was trying to get your niece to eat turkey? Like getting her all excited about it so she’d forget she doesn’t eat meat or something? Niiiice.
    That’s awesome that she didn’t fall for it, though. Also, a three-year-old vegetarian!! That’s amazing. Is she being raised that way by her parents, or did she decide on her own? Both would be awesome–I just know that when I was three, I don’t think I had v. much of a moral compass about anything, so I would be extra-impressed if she chose it. πŸ™‚

  2. megan–hee, thanks! i agree, she’s a cutie! πŸ™‚
    johanna–well, she wasn’t really trying to be manipulative… more like forgetful. i think it’s hard for “the normals” to remember that not everyone gets excited about dead animals as food, you know? i don’t think she was trying to pull a fast one; i think it just didn’t occur to her that a vegetarian three-year-old might find a gigantic dead bird in the oven pretty horrific. (my sister said that almost this same exact thing happened two days before at our other thanksgiving, this time with my great-aunt. sigh.) to answer your other question, she has been vegetarian since birth. her mom (my sister) is vegetarian, and wanted to raise her daughter vegetarian, so my brother-in-law went along with that. he has since gone vegetarian himself (yay!). and as we speak, they are growing a second vegetarian niece for me! πŸ™‚

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