weirdest breakfast evah

this morning my husband and i went out to breakfast, and i was all geared up for pancakes, but then i saw that their soup today was indian potato, which sounded awesome. after confirming that it was vegan, i went ahead and ordered it. and then the pancakes. heh.

the soup was spicy and hearty and wonderful, and then i crammed three pancakes into mah tummy on top of it. i’m such a soup dork; i have a really hard time passing it up if it looks like a good flavor… but this is definitely the first time i’ve ever ordered soup + breakfast.

my day basically went downhill from there: since brunch, all i’ve had to eat is several handfuls of chocolate non-pareils. oh wait! that’s not true; i also had a thing of key lime yogurt. anyhow, with any luck my husband will be home soon, and he’ll put a well-planned meal in front of my face.



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