my other wintry problem

as much as i go on and on (and on) about dressy winter coats that are vegany in nature… i have another winter accessory problem: mittens. i much prefer mittens to gloves, because my fingers stay warmer (except for the poor thumb. if only there were thumbless mittens!), and i’ll admit that finding vegan mittens really isn’t all that tough, but my problem is that i have specific desires, mitten-wise:

1. they should be warm, but not crazy-bulky. the kind i always used to buy were cotton/acrylic, but they were lined with thinsulate, so they were warm but relatively compact. in other words, they were easy to fold in half and jam into my pockets.

2. they should have a non-slip palm or something similar. i always call them "driving mittens," but that’s probably not the right name. anyhow, the idea is that i want some gription for driving, walking dogs, and so forth.

i realized several years ago that the mittens i always bought had suede palms. boo! it was one of those things i hadn’t thought about until it suddenly dawned on me, and ever since i’ve been looking for good replacements. and unfortunately, it seems as though my options are: (a) thin/flimsy knit mittens in cotton/acrylic, without much lining… (b) crazy-silly "boxing mittens" that are probably for snowboarding but are much more puffy than i want… or (c) nothing.

i have one pair of flimsy mittens (with slippery palms) that i bought last spring to go with my new faux-shearling coat. i’m not crazy about them at all, but i keep them because they’re better than nothing.

i also have one pair of ridiculous columbia mittens that are pretty warm, and they have a non-slip palm, but i honestly feel like i’m wearing boxing gloves when i have them on. they’re massive when i put them in my pockets, and i have a hard time actually using my hands for anything when i’m wearing them. (and they’re children’s size, so they’re as small as i can comfortably go.)

i still have two pair of the old suede-palm mittens, but i hate wearing them for obvious reasons. one pair is used for dog walking, because i need the gription and i need the agility… and the other pair is in the pockets of my cashmere coat. sigh.

dear vegan universe, please create a beautiful vegan j.crew-type dress coat, and please create wonderful vegan driving mittens, and line them both with thinsulate. thank you muchly.



  1. Rather than praying to JCRew pantheon, you could teach yourself to knit. It’s quite easy. I taught myself last winter and have now made scarves, dishrags and hats. Mittens are high on my list of things I mean to knit in my spare time.

  2. tim–[whine]yeah, but, i want them to be thick and super-warm and i want them to have non-slip grippy palms![/whine] and i have no idea how to do that. heh. my mom can crochet; maybe i’ll see if she would be up for the challenge.
    river–i like the way you think! *bats eyelashes at tim*

  3. LL Bean makes some mittens that have Thinsulate or Primaloft that don’t look too bulky. They have a grippy thing on the palm, but I can’t tell what it’s made out of, and it doesn’t say on the website. You might be able to ask them. I definitely feel your winter woes. All our gloves/mittens are woefully inadequate to handle walking the dog when it’s 10 degrees outside.

  4. jenna, i love you!! last year all i could find were little kid mittens, and i bought some, but they were a hair too small so i ended up donating them. i didn’t realize ll bean had grownup mittens now! thank you so much; i’m going to do a little more investigating about the palm material, but i think i’m going to try these in black:

  5. Those are exactly the ones I saw that I thought you’d like! Let me know how they are. I’m willing to bet that the palm is synthetic – most of the ones on the site that have leather seem to say that they are leather. I’m probably going to get myself a pair of those or the rugged ridge ones – I just have to decide on gloves or mittens.

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