what’s my deal?

i am finishing up Day Two of being amazingly, spectacularly unproductive. i don’t know what my problem is, but today, like yesterday, i’ve just sat around getting nothing done. i’m driving myself bonkers. my accomplishments today are as follows:

1. sleep 30 extra minutes because i was soooo tired
2. get ready but (of course) get to school 30 minutes later than planned
3. meet with advisee who is really struggling in an attempt to scare him straight (40 min or so)
4. dork around for an hour while waiting for next meeting; eat pb&j
5. meet with another advisee to talk about a few of her projects (2 hrs)
6.  write lists, read intarweb stuff, eat a snack, talk on phone, look things up, repeat (6.5 hrs)

argh! two days of this is making me really irritated with myself. and believe me, i have PLENTY i could (and should) be doing. pllllllenty. so on that note, i guess i’d better go do something. anything.



  1. i feel like i need to bail myself out by admitting that after i posted that entry, i went on to do 90 solid minutes of real work, and totally made progress. i think making myself accountable to the blogging public helped! hee.

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