hello, december!

well, i made it through NaBloPoMo, so hooray for that! i’m hoping that (like last year) i will stay motivated and keep blogging regularly through december and january and beyond… it’s a lot easier if there’s a sense of routine. you know, kind of like going to the gym. *looks around guiltily*

in other news, my winter-clothing entries (tall boots, mittens, dressy coats) have suddenly seen a flurry of commentary, and now i’m all jazzed because one of you pointed me toward some mittens and another of you pointed me toward a fabu coat! and a whole mess of you are helping me narrow down my boot options. how much do i love you people?!? (a lot!)

in sadder news, we got our first disgusting nasty snowstorm today, which was basically 5 hours of snow followed by 3 hours of freezing rain. oh gee i sure can’t wait to try and shovel that off our driveway. 😐 i think i’m going to go get a start on that now, though, while i am still riding high on thoughts of shopping. whee!


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