robin in the snow

i had a meeting this evening around 8pm, which meant that i had to trudge across campus in the middle of the giant snowstorm we’re dealing with at the moment. luckily, it wasn’t snowing in that gross aggressive way–the flakes were small and light, and relatively fluffy on the ground–but still, it was wet and kind of messy. as i started to head toward our library, i realized that i could hear a bird singing. for some reason, that always kind of trips me out if it’s nighttime, but i thought it was even weirder in the middle of a snowstorm. i looked around, bewildered, trying to figure out where she could be, but that was silly, because it was dark and night + streetlamps + snow = not seeing much in the way of tiny wildlife in trees. anyhow, she sang a few times, and i realized she was a robin, which just seems crazy to me. what the heck is that little birdie still doing here, and why is she so happy about the snow? what an optimistic sweet little bird.


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