lip balm tint shimmer thingies

i am a lip balm fiend. this has already been established, many times over. i am fussy about what i want in a lip balm, and i pretty much always have a tube within reach. my three favorites are alba (the hawaiian line), avalon C (which is the exact same formula as alba hawaiian; just a different flavor and fatter tube), and crazy rumors. not that you asked.

anyhow, you may remember when hemp organics decided to start sucking. at the time, this created a major crisis for me, because that’s basically what i was using for lipstick, even though it was really more of a pigmented lip balm. i ended up tracking down a few tubes of the old stuff, and they’re hanging out in my fridge like rations. even so, i’ll run out someday, and yikes.

but wait! the other day i basically tripped over some stuff i’d never even heard of before at vegan essentials. evidently a company called kuumba made has created a small line of lip shimmers that are basically tinted lip balms, and they’re vegan, and they’re similar to the hemp organics stuff, but half the price! how awesome is that? they have four colors, and i bought two of them: the brownish one (tierra) and the plumish one (twilight). i really like them both. they’re a bit more sheer than the hemp organics, but other than that a very similar product all around. except that: (a) they don’t have beeswax, and (b) they’re cheap! yaaay!

so, if you’re looking for something along those lines, get your booty over to vegan essentials and look under cosmetics, and then lip stuff. hope you like it!


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  1. ooh! see, i love when people post about this stuff. in fact, very soon i will be requesting product suggestions for various things that i want to veganize. and lipcolor was one of them. alba has the terra ones, but those have beeswax which i want to avoid. and i got some holiday ‘kiss my face’ ones for xmas gifts because they say on them, “these products contain no animal ingredients, no artificial colors, no preservatives, and were not tested on animals,” but then when i looked closer at the ingredients later it says “organic cera alba (beeswax)”…so i am wondering what that means exactly. i would consider that an animal ingredient, mostly. anyone?
    and i already use the alba hawaiian myself…religiously. mostly the pineapple, but sometimes the passion fruit or the coconut. and i have them scattered all over. in my bathroom, by my bed, in my office, in my bag, etc. i have to have them nearby!

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