boots + coat: partial review

okay, i was going to wait until everything was settled before i yammered on and on about my winter clothing projects, but it looks like my mittens and the north face coat won’t get here until wednesday, and i’m getting too impatient! so i’ll tell you how things are going so far, and i’ll check back in later next week with the rest.

so as i mentioned, the boots arrived from zappos on the same day that the merrell coat arrived. my husband went to answer the doorbell that morning, and came back with a giant tower of merchandise. awesome. unfortunately, i had to wait until that afternoon to open the boxes and try everything on. boooo.

i started with the coat. i was actually surprised at how compact the box was; i think i was expecting a gigantic puffy thing, but it’s really quite trim, considering. the fabric is not exactly what i expected, either… it’s kind of a "heathered black" rather than a solid pitch black, i suppose owing to the "denim-touch" nature of the fabric…? now that i look at the pictures again, they’re very true-to-life… i think that i just thought the pictures were grainy! hee. anyhow, that’s fine, but all i’m saying is that it looked a little different than i expected, and i think it makes it seem slightly more casual in nature.

the coat is quite long. i ordered the XS because i’m not very tall, and i think it was the right choice. i’m guessing if i’d ordered the S it would be even longer and somewhat comical. it zips both ways, which is good, because if you sit in the car or just want to walk with a big ol’ stride, it’s nice to have the option to open the bottom of the coat. i was originally scouring the planet for a 3/4 coat, so a full-length is an interesting departure, but i can see how it would be awesome the colder it gets!

one thing i hadn’t noticed on the pictures but LOVE about the coat is that it has adorable turquoise details. they are tiny (a ribbon edge on the inside of the collar, the mini-bungees you use to cinch the hood tight, etc.), but i get a kick out of stuff like that. there’s also two inside pockets, one of which is specifically for an mp3 player, with a cute (turquoise) loop to keep your earphone wire in line. love that!

i’ve been trying the coat on in the house a lot. i’m a dork that way. it seemed quite warm after wearing it only a few minutes, so that bodes well. yesterday i decided to wear it out for a field test, and wore it to run two quick errands. it kept me VERY warm, even without a scarf, so i think it definitely passes the "but can it handle a cold winter?" test. in all, i like the coat a lot. it’s not as dressy as i’d probably like, but it’s long and warm and has a hood and is basically not really what i was looking for, but very nice anyway. i’m torn on what to do at this point, so i’m hanging onto it until the north face coat arrives. more on that next week!

and now, the boots. lots of disappointment on that front, unfortunately. i ordered the moda spana mandy and the naturalizer leisure, and i wasn’t crazy about either one. the moda spanas are fabric, which was interesting and maybe doable, but they had REALLY pointy toes and i felt like my feet looked an entire size bigger. they were kinda goofy. (in their favor: the heel was very comfy and stable, and the profile of the boot is very cute.) in any event, i decided against them pretty much right away. next i tried on the naturalizers, and they were very comfortable, but fit totally weird. the entire ankle area is super-big and baggy. like, they fit my foot great, they fit the majority of my leg great, but my ankle could have wandered around and taken a little walk in there. so strange! what a bummer. i decided to return both pairs (and wore my merrell coat to the UPS store!).

however, all is not lost! remember the crazy last-minute decision to add the sexy not-tall boots to my order? well, i absolutely adore those, and i’m keeping them. yay! they look great with jeans and pants, and i think they’re even tall enough to wear with skirts… they’re not knee-length, but they’re several inches taller than my usual jeans-boots.

i revisited my zappos list to see if i wanted to try different knee-length boots once i realized i was sending almost everything back (two to mooshoes, two to zappos), but i think i’ve decided to hold off for now. maybe my stupid payless boots aren’t so bad after all? stay tuned; i imagine i’ll revisit this topic someday. heh.


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