vegan cut-outs, roll-outs, sugar cookies…

we always call them "cut-outs" but i know they go by lots of names. i’m looking to hear about tried-and-true veganizations, if you’ve got ’em. my dad’s side of the family is BIG on cut-outs for the holidays, and this will be the third year that we make a vegan version along with the regular cookies. i’m not totally sure that i want to stick with the ones we used the past two years, though… while quite tasty, they’re different enough from our non-vegan version that they stand out. i’d like to find a recipe that is more similar, so that maybe we can stop making two versions and just go with the vegan ones. i’m selfish like that.

the past two years, we’ve used the "mum’s sugar cookies" in garden of  vegan. they’re very good, but they’re a little sweeter and crispier than my family’s usual version, and i also find that we have to tinker with the icing quite a bit before we get it right.

right now i’m considering the sugar cookies in the new joy of vegan baking, along with the royal icing from the same book. has anyone made those yet? or do you have a different cut-out recipe you’ve tried, and would like to steer me toward? i’m also looking for great icing recipes! if i get a chance to try the joy of vegan baking versions, i’ll report back and let you know how it went.



  1. hmm. we always made cream cheese frosted cookies which were cookie cutter ones. well, we also ‘painted’ them with egg whites and food coloring too, but i always prefered the frosted ones. the cream cheese frosting is a cinch to veganize and tastes no different from the original-it’s delicious. in fact, i think the recipe is very similar to the one in the “vegan cupcakes take over the world” cookbook. but i cannot remember what the recipe entailed for the “sugar” cookie base and i haven’t tested it yet. the hardest thing for veganizing our family recipes has been anything with egg. in fact, i’m still trying to fix our carrot cake recipe!
    anyway, i can see if my sister has the recipe and check out how much tweaking it would require and even give it a test run, if you are interested. i am not sure how different these would be for you…certainly the frosting might be the ‘wrong’ kind.

  2. Ick. I made vegan sugar cookies last year. I used some recipe I found through a google search. They didn’t taste anything like sugar cookies, though. They tasted like little, crunchy biscuits. After trying to frost a couple, I ended up spreading jam on them and eating them for breakfast. 😦

  3. amanda, i remembered yours the instant i posted my entry last night! and i wandered through your archives so i could print it up and everything. crazy, huh? tonight i made the ones from joy of vegan baking, but i’m not sure if i’m sold. they’re good, but they’re pretty crisp and not quite what i was looking for. i plan to try yours next. whee!
    river, i’ve never had cream-cheese-frosted cut-outs, but that sounds tasty. it’s not what my family would be “wanting” in their substitution, but i might have to try something like that for my own benefit sometime!
    and hee! to denise 🙂

  4. I’ve always used with a lot of success. They are nice and soft and stay that way for a long time. Also, I usually keep a piece of bread with all of my cookies. Something about the bread keeps them moist. If your cookies last long enough, when the bread gets rock hard you can replace it with another piece.
    For the icing, I use this recipe: I remember having to add a lot more liquid (I used corn syrup & soy milk in equal parts). I also used maraschino juice for the liquid which tinted it pink and gave it a terrific flavor.

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