a tale of two shipments

welp, i don’t know if you’ve heard, but the midwest is in an icy grip (tm msnbc.com) and i’m sure that includes hodgkins illinois, wherever that may be. our campus (along with much of the rest of the city) canceled all classes today and tonight, so i’ve had nothing to do but think about random miscellany. i was very afraid for my poor north face coat, stuck in hodgkins illinois, and have been checking on it compulsively all day. well, guess what? it left, and it’s on its way to my town! so it might actually reach me tomorrow after all! it’s completely silly how goofy i’m getting over this coat. i hope i like it after all this!

in other news, my mittens arrived from ll bean today, one day early. i was totally stoked, tried them on and they’re quite nice, hip hip hooray and all that, when all of a sudden my husband said, "uh oh, these are going straight back," and showed me the label: the palm is made of "100% goathair leather." now, i’m not even going to pretend that i know what "goathair leather" is supposed to mean, but i am relatively certain that it’s not synthetic. BOOOOOO ll bean! boo i say! i’m so bummed at them for leaving leather out of their item description. right now i have an email in to them, asking if i can get the return shipping waived. i don’t really see why i should pay $6.50 to return them when i wouldn’t have even ordered them in the first place if their item description had been accurate.[/grumpy]



  1. Good for you for writing to them. I do that all the time–I am a royal pain in the keister. Write up a storm, people–to get accurate descriptions, ask where’s the cruelty-free/certified humane stuff, ask them to add “vegan” as a search option, thank them for the vegan options, etc. The only way they know we’re out here and we’re not getting what we need/want is if we tell ’em! K, now dismounting soapbox.
    Hope North Face shows up soon. Even if it’s taking forever, at least there’s no goathair leather. :/

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