another fantastic news update

if you haven’t been reading my blog very long, you might want to start with this post (from april) and then this tiny follow-up (from may) and then the original fantastic news update (from july). if you’ve already read all of those, then you can just skip to the good stuff. hee.

finley had his second follow-up sonogram today to check on his heart. as predicted, we were nervous wrecks over the past couple of days, and this morning we were just dreading taking him in. it’s not that he’s seemed worse or sick or anything–he’s been great!–but he just gets so afraid at the vet and we hate doing that to him. plus, i am a complete spaz and i’m always convinced that some Big Horrible Thing will be revealed and, well, bleah.

anyhow, this morning finley was extra super-duper lovey from the moment i got up, following me absolutely everywhere, and i felt so guilty knowing i was about to stuff him into a carrier and cart him off to the vet. poor baby. he caught on that something was weird about a minute too soon, and tried to hide upstairs, but thankfully i caught him and we stayed on schedule. we dropped him off, learned that he was the only scheduled procedure for the heart specialist today, and were told that we’d maybe hear back around noon. my husband had a meeting to go to, so i went home and tried valiantly to distract myself for a few hours. (thankfully UPS gave me something to do during that time–more on that later.)

as it got closer to noon, i got more restless. finally at 12.02pm, i decided that i had too much nervous energy and i went to find avery to channel some of my kitty-anxiety into kitty-affection. i walked into our room, found him, and before he could even walk up to get petted, the phone rang. it was our vet, of course, and she sounded very sunny and cheerful. yay!

she said that finley was extremely good during the sonogram, and also during her exam (she did some bloodwork and urinalysis, just to see how he’s doing now that he’s been on the meds for 8 months), and i said, "great!" then she said that his scan looked really good, and i said, "awesome!" and THEN she said, "and i have some REALLY fantastic news for you today!" and i said, "oh yeah?" while trying not to freak out.

she said that he had a Completely Normal Heart Scan. as in, NO evidence of anything ever going wrong, ever. totally fixed. size is normal, thickness is normal, cardiac output is normal, no scarring, no "remnants," no nothing! just a perfectly healthy little kitty heart! he’s good good good, and can go off his meds effective immediately. she said that we will probably never know what it was that screwed things up in spring, but that evidently treating it quickly and aggressively was the ticket. much like our july visit, i had a difficult time even talking to her, because i was afraid i was going to cry happy tears all over the place.

i went to pick him up, and was able to talk to the  vet tech (the same one i mentioned in the july post) and also the heart specialist, and they both told me separately that he was SUCH a good boy, and they were so happy about the good news. i brought home a very very happy kitty, and he marched around purring and being a total sweetheart all afternoon.

we won’t hear about the bloodwork and urinalysis until monday (our vet
is going out of town), but i will be keeping my fingers tightly crossed
that all is normal on those fronts as well.

i can’t even tell you how relieved we are. i had absolutely NO idea that this outcome was even a possibility, and i hope i never have to relive anything so depressing and terrifying as our ordeal with him last april. gah, that was awful. but that’s over, and i’m so happy today. yay, finley’s heart is strong and healthy!


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