surrounded by cookies

i have cookies coming out of my ears! last week i made the joy of vegan baking cut-outs (with the royal icing from the same book), and then the next morning our entire city basically shut down and i wasn’t able to unload them on all the people i meant to give them to. sigh. we ate 90% of them ourselves.

yesterday was cookie day at my dad and stepmom’s, so we made three huge batches of cut-outs (1 vegan, 2 non) and they also made some kind of m&m drop cookie. i frosted the entire vegan batch myself, and brought a few dozen home. you may recall that i was planning to try a different recipe, but when i got there my stepmom had already started putting the ingredients together for the garden of vegan recipe, so we just went with it. i did use a new icing recipe, though–the one vivaciousvegan posted in my comments the other day. thanks! once they were made, i realized/remembered that i REALLY like that cookie (and so does my sister) so i don’t know what i was making such a big deal about. i guess i was worried more about them "matching" the omni recipe than actually, you know, whether i liked eating the cookie. also, my dad came through and stole like 10 of them over the course of the afternoon, i swear, and his "preference" for the non-vegan recipe is the only reason we haven’t switched all the way over to the vegan ones. argh. maybe next year.

last week i also made the dough for the soft cut-outs that amanda makes, and that was still waiting in my freezer, so tonight i rolled and baked those, and made the accompanying frosting. that dough is super duper DUPER sticky, and i have to say, before tonight i don’t think i’ve ever uttered the phrase, "argh! you little f*cker!" to a cookie before. first time for everything! hee. anyhow, the cookies definitely live up to their name! they are like puffy little cookie clouds, and very cute. i frosted half of them with amanda’s icing recipe, and the other half with the leftover frosting from yesterday. i’m planning to take these to school tomorrow so that i can hopefully have a do-over of last tuesday.

and aside from all that baking, st. nick (the one who visits my dad’s house) brought me a box of candy cane joe-joe’s from trader joe’s (from what i can tell, they’re like oreos with crushed peppermint in the cream layer), and i am beyond excited about that. oh, AND i received cookies in the mail this weekend! peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. yummy.

so, like i said, drowning in cookies. i suppose there are many worse fates.


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