aw crap, i didn’t post before midnight. alas, my NaBloPoMo streak is broken. *sniff* but i’m still posting before hitting the hay for the night, so maybe this still counts, kinda sorta.

today i took the cookies to school and fed them to my TAs and also to the campus animal rights group. the container came back home a LOT lighter than it was when i went in this morning. success!

tomorrow is my final exam, which means that on about thursday afternoon or so, i will officially begin my christmas panic. the holiday is never an actual reality for me until my semester is over, which causes a bit of craziness every year. oh well, at least i’ve learned to expect it!

i feel like i had something of substance to say, but i’m hecka tired so i think i’m just going to call it a night. maybe i’ll remember in the morning.


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