hairsheep leather

i feel a bizarre need to set the record straight: i mistakenly called my ll bean mittens "goathair leather" when in fact they are "100% hairsheep leather." in my defense, both terms are new ones on me and both sound confusing and strange. it’s just that one is a real thing, and the other was totally made up by me. heh. when i realized my mistake, my husband suggested googling just in case hairsheep leather was some type of exciting synthetic, but alas, they are sweet little lambs, of course. boo. the mittens, of course, are headed back to ll bean.

in the meantime, i’ve learned that target has some puffy but squishy mittens with a microfiber strip on the palm. they’re not thinsulate or anything, but they’re warm-ish and they’ll probably do in a pinch.


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