i’ll shut up about the coats now, i promise

so. i totally kept both coats. the price tags have been removed, and they’ve been moved from the dining room chairs into the coat closet. the columbia-with-the-crappy-zipper has moved to the basement with my dog-walking shoes, and the j.crew coat is hanging in the basement while i decide what to do with it. i’m thinking of putting it up for grabs in ye olde vegan community in case anyone prefers warm-and-recycled to new-but-vegan, but i’m not sure if i’ll have any takers. failing that, it will likely be donated to goodwill.

the past couple of days have been somewhat mild (considering), but today it is super cold and all of the snowbanks that didn’t melt over the past two days have turned to solid icebergs. yay. the good news? i wore my new merrell coat out today, and it tOtally kept me warm. hooray! tomorrow i’ll probably dress up for our christmas eve festivities, so the north face might see its public debut then.

in other news, i was doing a little wrap-up shopping on friday, and the carriage horses are at the mall (excuse me, "shopping center") again. grrrr. i was so bummed. you are not in a quaint old british town, people–you’re AT A MALL. god.



  1. Hey, did you hear that Natalie Portman is coming out with a new vegan shoe line? I guess it debuts early next year–with January pre-orders available through a partner website. The only photos I’ve seen so far are of shiny stilettos, but I have high hopes that there might be some cheaper-than-Stella’s options in the mix.
    Happy New Year!

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