salty snacks

i am usually a sweet-over-salty person. i never add salt to anything, and when i crave junk it’s almost always of the desserty variety. i often joke that i have a "fat tooth" rather than a sweet tooth, because i don’t want jolly ranchers; i want chocolate, ice cream, peanut butter, cookies, and so on.

but sometimes i want a little salty snack, whether it’s next to my almost-daily pb&j, or just randomly in the afternoon. i have never been a big potato chip person, because they always seemed too greasy and/or too salty. to that end, pringles may as well have been invented for me. anyhow, during the last year or so, i discovered a potato chip that i absolutely love, and it’s kind of amusing because there is probably an obscene amount of oil involved in its production. what is this chip? the salt & pepper flavor of kettle chips. if we have these in the house, my husband and i both tend to binge on them, and i end up over-doing it and then i don’t buy them for awhile. but when i’m in the mood for them–look out.

i’m also extremely fond of tings. because i don’t always crave salty, there are many occasions when you won’t find these in my pantry, but today is not one of those times. i ate a pile of them as a mid-evening snack tonight. people always refer to them as "vegan cheetos," which i suppose is an okay analogy, except that they’re not orange, and i never liked cheetos but i totally adore these. i am always surprised at the number of vegans who haven’t tried tings.

my newest adventure in salty snacking has been the  lesser evil krinkle sticks. i bought the sea salt flavor during a junk-food-spending-spree at vegan essentials, mostly on a whim. when i tried them i was quite impressed–they remind me a little bit of those old-school potato shoestrings, a little bit of tings, and they have a very slight kick to them (i think it’s the onion powder, or maybe the garlic). i bought a box of the bbq flavor for my sister, but i keep forgetting to ask her if she liked them. anyway, check ’em out if you haven’t already! i’ve seen them at whole foods, so they’re probably popping up in "normal" stores now.

i have no idea why i suddenly felt the need to yap about salty snacks, but there you have it!



  1. I visted the Kettle factory a year and half ago (it’s right here in Salem). And, yes, the chips are fried in big ole vats of oil. But it’s a good blend of oil and the whole process helps limit the amount of oil (or something…they went on and on about the kind of potato and the kind of oil and the way they’re fried and at what temperature etc etc). and I just added their nutrition data into our database at work and, honestly, it’s not that bad for potato chips. lowish in fat, good amount of vitamin c (!) and fiber. so, there you go. apparantly you needed to yap about salty snacks and I needed to defend your right to eat them :p

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