the list

101 things in 1001 days
start date: jan 5 2008
end date: oct 2 2010

i’m just going to start listing things off willy-nilly, brainstorm-style. i reserve the right to edit or otherwise "fix" this list later, including re-organizing items into cohesive categories and stuff like that. okay, here goes!

1. buy a macbook pro (ha! i’m cheating already!) jan 5 2008
2. get tenure (holy crap, i don’t believe it) jan 18 2008
3. failing #2: don’t lose mind (moot)
4. decide whether we want to have children
5. go back to england
6. create a habit of making an itinerary for each day
7. create a habit of using a timer and sticking to my itinerary
8. talk to the director of the humane society about vegan outreach
9. volunteer at the big cat sanctuary
10. import all of my CDs into iTunes
11. buy a cat tree for avery & finley
12. read the manual for my camera
13. reconnect with carlo
14. enroll in an ashtanga class (and go)
15. learn how to bake and frost a layer cake
16. join a CSA
17. go back to austin
18. buy reusable produce bags
19. take mer & ken on a co-op tour
20. visit erik’s family in nevada
21. see ed begley, jr. speak on campus (yay!)
22. reconnect with diana
23. visit portland
24. make the chai latte cupcakes in VCTOTW
25. make the chickpea cutlets in veganomicon (yum!) jan 2008
26. visit farm sanctuary again
27. go to the chicago diner again
28. paint the guest bedroom
29. paint the furniture in the guest bedroom
30. frame my diplomas and hang them up
31. successfully veganize eaglebrand brownies
32. start sending birthday cards again
33. do a purge of my jewelry box(es), and
34. try to give sentimental pieces to people who would appreciate them
35. either start stamping again, or decide not to and get rid of everything
36. visit jen in evanston
37. leave a copy of why vegan? in every waiting room i find myself in
38. get my kurt halsey original drawing framed and hung  jan 26 2008
39. visit erin, and jason & marianne, in las vegas
40. be a better penpal to josh harper
41. raise $1000 for the farm sanctuary walk for farm animals
42. read my entire backlog of satya magazine (may it rest in peace)
43. try 3 new vegetables
44. go out for ethiopian food with an experienced connoisseur
45. do a CD purge and re-organize them all
46. replace all of our bleached-out towels (from my proactiv days)
47. read the clicker-training book and attempt to clicker-train our kittehs, just for fun
48. watch the up series
49. finish reading introduction to animal rights: your child or the dog?
50. prep two new graduate courses
51. prep one new undergraduate course
52. watch dealing dogs (languishing on my FiVo for nearly 2 years now)
53. establish our 403b and/or start some other type of investing
54. watch peaceable kingdom with someone else
55. get a complete physical, with blood panel and the whole deal
56. completely redo my homepage
57. write an article for a vegan/AR publication
58. establish a regular date night with my husband
59. read my backlog of herbivore magazine
60. read my backlog of herbivore online issues
61. host a holiday/family dinner at our house (one we don’t normally host)
62. establish a regular yoga practice
63. work back to a routine of going to the gym at least 3 times per week
64. read my stack of mini-magazines & newsletters from sanctuaries & AR organizations
65. clean desk at home 
66. organize home office
67. clean desk at school
68. organize school office
69. read zen to done e-book
70. surprise my husband with a gift, just because
71. surprise my sister with a gift, just because
72. go one month without chocolate
73. get 8 hours of sleep every night for a month
74. lose 5 pounds
75. lose another 5 pounds
76. decide whether i need to lose yet another 5 pounds

…okay, i’m going to have to call it a night and finish this tomorrow.


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