dogtown rocks my socks

in case you hadn’t heard, there’s an awesome new series on nat.geo (that’s the national geographic channel, for those of you not familiar with their new hip lingo. hee.), and it features the best friends animal sanctuary in utah. i’ve heard it referred to as a "short series," so i’m not exactly sure how many episodes to expect, but the first one aired on friday night and we finally got to watch it last night. it was so great! i’m in love with porto and remington.

i would highly recommend looking for possible reruns of the first episode, and setting the ol’ series manager for the rest of the episodes. it’s so wonderful to see an animal sanctuary featured, and i’m hoping it raises a lot of awareness for people who wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to their ideas. i swear, after watching just one episode i was daydreaming about moving to utah and working there.

best friends has a site set up where you can learn how everyone’s doing now that the show has wrapped, which i thought was a neat idea. you can see that here. the nat.geo site for the series is here. enjoy!

edited to add: i just learned this little tidbit… so spread the word!

National Geographic has produced three episodes, which will run each of
the next three Fridays. If the series proves successful, additional
episodes will be produced and broadcast.



  1. I haven’t heard about this before! We visited Best Friends while we were going through the national parks in Utah for our honeymoon. What a wonderful place it is!

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