she’s here!

well, it’s a good thing i dropped everything and got on my way to the hospital last night, or i would have missed everything! my sister’s water broke at 9.40pm or so, and she had the baby at 12.15am! i was there for the whole shebang (a first for me), and it was pretty incredible. my new little niece is just an adorable peanut, and she has a ton of hair. she doesn’t have a name yet (they were deliberating when her water broke) but that will be finalized very soon. she was 8lbs 1oz, and 20inches, born at the very beginning of the birthday they were aiming for. today was my late great-aunt’s birthday, and she was much beloved in my family, and the baby will be getting her name as a middle name. so hooray for that!

in other news, my other "she" is NOT here. apparently she is still in utah. why do i have a feeling she will not be delivered tomorrow as anticipated? oh well, at least i have a super-cute baby to distract myself!


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