vegan chili cheese dip

my husband was hoping to make a little snack buffet for tonight’s playoff game, and unbeknownst to me he did a little research ahead of time. back in my pregan days, we used to loooove chili cheese dip, which was basically vegetarian chili mixed with velveeta cheese. very gourmet, i know, but we really liked it. we usually only made it once or twice per year, but after i went vegan we stopped doing that. well, today he googled and found this recipe, which is arguably one of the easiest recipes in the world, and he surprised me with it. he took one can of amy’s chili, one tub of tofutti cream cheese, combined and microwaved it, and stirred. voila!

we were both surprised at how similar it tasted to the chili cheese dip of yore. it’s creamy and cheesy and yum. i suppose you could experiment with adding things to it if you wanted to… maybe some nutritional yeast to up the cheesy flavor? anyhow, it was really good and i ate a whooole bunch. i thought it was really sweet of him to surprise me.



  1. That sounds like a recipe Mr Q might like (and might be able to make himself)! I *LOVE* that your husband goes and searches out vegan recipes that will please both of you. It’s very sweet.

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