shock and disbelief

this is quite possibly some of the worst news i’ve gotten in awhile. my friend molly just let me know that alba’s hawaiian line of lip balm is NO LONGER VEGAN, and i kind of want to smack someone. or cry. or maybe both.

i just checked the website, and the tubes now have white plastic where it used to be translucent, and the ingredients now list beeswax. why, why, WHY is this happening to me?! i’m completely distraught. i am so into my lip balm it’s almost ridiculous. i have one in my purse, two in my office, one on my nightstand, one on my desk at home, one in the kitchen, and several in the linen closet waiting their turn. the alba hawaiian line is my FAVORITE and basically my only lip balm. (i also use the avalon C, but it’s just alba hawaiian in an orange disguise–and now i’m terrified it will change to beeswax, too.)

in a blind panic, i emailed the company the following crazy paragraph:

i have just been alerted to the fact that you appear to have changed the formula on your hawaiian line of lip balms, and they are no longer vegan. i am disappointed, shocked, and quite frankly terribly upset. the alba hawaiian lip balms were the BEST vegan lip balms on the market, i recommended them to every vegan i know (and i successfully "converted" BUNCHES of people), and i was set for life on lip balm. it is the only one i use; the ONLY one that is moisturizing enough and creamy enough. is there any chance on earth that you might reconsider this ingredient change? words cannot express how disappointed i am. maybe you don’t realize how many of your customers are vegan–there are lots and lots of us who swear by your lip balm, and now will be forced to stop buying it. please get back to me when you can; i’d love to hear some good news. thank you!

i don’t know what else to do. i want to make them reconsider! please help me! email them a crazy paragraph yourself, if you are so inclined. in the meantime i guess i’ll be buying up every last vegan tube i can find in the whole world. *sob* 



  1. I wrote them a ranty paragraph, too. I hadn’t realized until I sent the ranty paragraph that they are part of avalon and JASON! ugh. they better not de-veganize anything else! *shakes fist* darn you alba, darrrrn you!

  2. I’m glad to hear others are writing. I’m very disappointed by this. The doggie shampoo we’ve used for Emma the last two years just added whipped honey to it. Why oh why do companies do this to us?

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