i heart foxes

right now, on teevy, there is a red fox on jay leno’s desk. i love foxes like crazy. the semester i lived in england, there was a little fox that i used to see on campus in the wee hours of the morning. i would go to the psychology building late at night and email people back home so that we could sort-of-talk in “real time.” invariably that would mean that i’d head back over to my dorm when it was nearing morning. the university of nottingham campus is gorgeous, with a little stream and rolling green lawns and the whole bit. there was one huge lawn that i always walked across to get from one end of campus to the other, and almost every time i made that trek in the pre-dawn hours, i would see “my” fox. he never came close, just trotted across the lawn toward the stream, but i loved seeing him.

a year or so ago, we watched the timothy treadwell story, grizzly man, and i was just head-over-heels in love with the foxes. i mean, seriously, they make the movie! they’re so adorable and hilarious. if you haven’t seen the documentary, you should. it’s interesting and entertaining for a whole host of reasons, but the foxes will definitely make you smile.

awhile back, i watched some movie or another with bruce willis (edited to add… i just googled forever and realized it was ocean’s twelve. duh.), and one of the characters liked to leave a tiny sculpture of a fox behind after he robbed someone. i’m such a dork that i tried to figure out if i could buy one. a couple of days ago i stumbled across this seller on etsy, and i have to say, if her stuff wasn’t all made out of wool (and suede), i’m pretty sure i’d be dorky enough to buy one of the teeny tiny foxes, just because.


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