random tears

i’m not entirely sure how it started, but eventually i ended up on flickr looking at pictures from people i don’t even know. i think i clicked on someone i don’t know who had "favorited" one of my pictures, and spiraled down the rabbit hole from there. in any event, i stumbled across a picture of a breathtakingly beautiful balinese kitty, and after clicking around some more, i decided to work my way back to find more of him. as it turns out, both of his parents have flickr accounts, and one of them has a huge set of pictures. he’s gorgeous and silly, and even though he doesn’t have lynx-point markings, he reminds me a bit of my own sweet finley.

i was barely into my lovefest for erasmus when i noticed a caption under the main picture for his flickr set. erasmus died last night. i couldn’t believe my eyes, and it made my heart hurt. those of you who know me well won’t be at all surprised to hear that i cried.


One comment

  1. Oh! I stumbled upon your blog post from a Flickr FD’s toys ego search for stuff about me and Erasmus. He was my kitty. Sorry we made you cry but it was wonderful to share his life with friends. Thanks for taking the time to look in to his very happy life.

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