squirrel on a mission

this morning i got in my car, and noticed a squirrel walking in the street. i saw him in my side mirror, so he was somewhere behind me. i love watching squirrels walk (as opposed to that cute pouncy/hoppy thing they do) so i watched him for a bit, but i was also a little concerned because he was carefully picking his way through some snowy tire tracks in the road. i wasn’t sure why he was going so slowly; i was trying to look at each of his little feet to make sure he wasn’t injured. eventually i couldn’t see him anymore in the mirror, and my worry got the best of me, so i got back out of my car to get a better look.

once i stepped out of the car, i couldn’t find him. we’ve had a lot of snow recently, so i was pretty sure he was just behind a pile somewhere, and i craned my neck around. eventually, poof!, there he was. he was on the sidewalk now, still walking very carefully. i thought he might be favoring his right front paw, but to be honest i wasn’t totally certain of that. he walked directly into a little fenced-off area containing two or three restaurant dumpsters, and disappeared for a moment. a few seconds later he reappeared, with a HUGE piece of bread in his mouth. hee!

he started going back exactly the way he had come, deliberately marching back across the street, and then suddenly had a little spring in his step. as soon as he made it to the other curb, he shimmied all the way up the tree, sat in a high branch, and started nibbling on the bread. convinced that he was indeed okay, i got back in my car and started to leave. i paused underneath the tree to watch him through my moonroof for a minute, though. what a cutie!



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