mocha surprise

you may recall that i’m currently working my way through three pounds of chocolate lentils. i have decided that the mint ones are my favorite, so for snacking purposes i’m saving them for last. several times over the past week, i’ve pulled out the giant bag of plain lentils and randomly snacked on them (probably much longer than i should, but that’s beside the point). a few minutes ago, i noticed a different color in my handful of candy… it was more tan than orange. immediately my gut instinct was, “uh oh,” but i’m an idiot so i ate it anyway. sure enough, it was a coffee lentil. barf.

i hate coffee (well the smell is great, but the taste is yuck), and i can taste it a mile away. you know those people who are always, “oh well it SAYS mocha but it doesn’t taste like coffee to me at all,” or “seriously, you won’t be able to taste it!”… those people are wrong. i can always taste it. bleah. and yet i’m stupid enough to think, uh-oh, coffee lentil, and then put it in my mouth anyway. i had to drink a big swig of water and eat another handful of chocolate (oh, the horror! hee) to get rid of the taste.



  1. I do not like chocolate and coffee together (except in a mocha to drink). I’m fine with coffee flavor (as long as it’s good quality) but don’t mix it with chocolate for the love of gah! The mocha lentils are good for cake decorating (I dig the seventies colors) and that is about it. 🙂

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