sneaky vegan lunch

today my mom and i went to the museum, and afterward she asked if i’d like to do lunch. she’s omni (and somewhat clueless about what counts as a “vegan-friendly” restaurant) and she’s also kind of picky, as far as food and drink options go. for instance, one of my favorite places doesn’t serve “regular” soda, so she can’t stand to go there. sigh.

i struggled with ideas for where we should go, and offered up a middle eastern buffet, the aforementioned favorite restaurant (she declined, heh), and noodles & co. she surprised me by being willing to check out the middle eastern buffet. i was happy about that, but also nervous in case she didn’t like it. well, i needn’t have worried, because she liked everything and went back for seconds on the falafel. but the best part was that i forgot until we surveyed the spread that the entire buffet is vegetarian, and nearly all of it is vegan. so the unexpected fun was that my mom had a totally vegan lunch. yay!


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