witty rejoinders

why, why, why, WHY do so many omnis feel compelled to: (a) comment on stories about animal cruelty or veg*nism, but then (b) have nothing intelligent to say other than, "mmmmm… meat!" seriously, i’ve seen this a jillion times (most recently tonight, in the responses to this article) and it drives me bonkers. i have had to train myself to just roll my eyes and move along, but good lord that is an obnoxiously stupid response. why comment at all? what does "mmmm… meat!" accomplish? all it really does is prove the point that you’re selfish and lazy and unwilling to think about the more complicated issues of what you’re eating and whether it’s really a morally defensible thing to do.[/cranky rant]


One comment

  1. I always just say something like, “You know, I find that the people who make jokes like that are the ones who feel the most secret guilt about eating meat.”
    Or that’s what I would say, if I was quick enough. As it was, it took me a couple of minutes to just write that out. Damn!

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