nutrilicious doughnut holes

i had a nutrilicious doughnut a long time ago (i’d say at least two year ago), and i’ll be honest, i don’t really remember much about it. i think the idea of a single-serve doughnut seemed sad to me. i got mine from vegan essentials, but i think in my mind, doughnuts are the kind of things you should walk in, pick out of the case, and eat with wild abandon. alas, we don’t have a mighty-o here in town, so i haven’t been doing much doughnut-eating lately.


i just found out that our local whole foods carries nutrilicious doughnut holes (sold in packs of 12), and i’ve heard nothing but good things about them. so last night, on my shopping field trip, i grabbed a box of the plain glazed and brought them home. i tried two of them for breakfast this morning (such restraint!) and they were super-delicious. frankly, i’d like to go back downstairs and eat the rest of the box right now. they taste like junk food without tasting overly processed. mmmm. the next time i’m out and about, i’ll definitely pick up one or two of the other flavors.

if you’re curious, the shopping field trip went really well! we spent about an hour wandering around pointing at things, giving advice, and sharing our favorites (and our not-so-favorites). i think they both found it really helpful. it was totally fun; definitely something i’d do again!


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  1. I’ve never had the donut holes, but I love the donuts. I haven’t found them locally in a while–our stupid Whole Foods don’t seem to carry them, & the health food store down the street stopped carrying them b/c I kept buying them, opening the package, & finding they were MOLDY. I am inclined to blame the health food store (who is dodgy in other respects) rather than Nutrilicious, or perhaps their distributor. But sadly, this means no more spontaneous Nutrilicious-buying in my life!
    Also, I wonder if you could parlay the vegan shopping tutor thing into some sort of ritzy consulting job, where rich people who suddenly decide to go vegan would pay you to figure everything out for them! Hee.

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