feeling cruddy

very late on tuesday night (whilst staying up much too late watching teevy) i suddenly realized that i had a scratchy throat. i decided to hope that it was a went-out-to-eat-in-a-large-group-and-talked-and-laughed-too-much kind of scratchy throat, rather than an oh-crap-i’m-getting-sick kind of scratchy throat, and tried to ignore it. unfortunately, when i woke up wednesday morning, it was still there and it didn’t let up at all. boo! it is still with me today, along with a vague grossness in the sinus area and a general sense of bleah. because i’m me, i also have gotten not-nearly-enough sleep the past two nights, which i’m sure isn’t helping matters.

oh! and i have no idea if this is related or not, but for the past several days i have been super-sensitive to smells. not like a bionic sense of smell, but rather, most smells smell disgusting to me. today i walked through a stairwell that was being mopped and i couldn’t stomach the cleaning solution smell; i actually had to hold my breath and think happy thoughts. same with car exhaust, and something else i’m forgetting.

today i had to get up super-early (for me) and then was busy busy busy all day long. when i finally came home at 5.30pm, i was really tempted to take a nap. when i walked upstairs and saw both kitties snuggled on the bed, that sealed the deal. i slept for maybe 60-90 minutes, and i think it helped a little. my throat still sucked, but i felt a little more human.

the most frustrating part is that i know full well i’m not taking super-great care of myself. as i mentioned already, not very good sleeping habits lately, and then there’s the fact that i’ve only had one actual meal today (along with some random unplanned grazing), and my exercise routine is completely kaput. i don’t want this to turn into whatever creeping crud has been going around absolutely EVERYWHERE lately, so i’m trying to figure out if there’s any way to nip it in the bud at this point. i don’t have anything scheduled during the day tomorrow–should i just sleep for 14 hours straight? would that help? is there a magical juice i can drink? should i just make an enormous pot of mac & cheeze and eat myself into a comfort food coma? big decisions.

in happier news, tomorrow night i’m going to see ed! begley! jr! and i am BEYOND excited. if i get to meet him, you can absolutely count on an embarrassing tale of woe this time tomorrow night. i’m a complete moron when i meet famous people.



  1. super sense of smells that are yucky = pregnant (for me, with the boy)
    I recommend sleep, neti pot (morning and night), emergen-c, water and more sleep.
    ed! begley! jr! I want to be you.

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