NaBloPoMo: march edition

okay, so NaBloPoMo is starting a new deal, where you can do the blog-every-day-for-a-month thing whenever you want, starting now. i didn’t join the blog365 project, because it was intimidating, but now that i’ve looked over my list of posts i’ve realized that i actually HAVE posted every day this year(!), usually at night between 10pm and midnight. there was one night (february 5th) when i didn’t make the actual midnight cutoff, but i still blogged before going to bed, so in my brain that counts.

so i’m going to jump in and join the march version of NaBloPoMo, because basically i’ve been doing it anyway for the past four months, and this is a little extra motivation. plus, they have themes (this month it’s lists), which is nice if i run out of ideas, and there’s the scant possibility of a prize, which, yay!

i like the idea of having a lists theme, although i’m not sure i’d be able to do that every day. but in honor of kicking off my march adventure, and as an homage to my exciting day yesterday, i will start with a list of…

Famous People I’ve Had The Good Fortune To Meet (And Usually Embarrass Myself In Front Of, Because I Am So Easily Starstruck):

1. ed begley, jr.
(less than 24 hours ago, woo!)

2. ingrid newkirk, president of PeTA
she did a talk and a book signing at a local bookstore, and i went with one of my grad students. she was a fantastic speaker, and afterward i got to meet her during the signing. she was extremely gracious and sweet. we really liked her.

3. howard lyman, aka the mad cowboy
he came to speak on our campus (sponsored by our AR group) and he was awesome. i went with my sister and my brother-in-law, and my brother-in-law went vegetarian shortly thereafter (my sister was already that far). he has gigantic hands and a super-strong handshake.

4. kimberley locke (american idol season 2, baby)
after that season was over she did a mini-tour of mini-concerts (singing like five songs in a tiny venue). she came to our town and i had to “win” tickets from the radio station, and i loved her so i hounded the DJ. i am soooo not that person, but i couldn’t help myself. anyway i got the tickets, and we went, she was awesome, and we met her afterward. i blurted out “i love you” when i met her and was instantly embarrassed. she was very gracious, and we took a picture together.

5. thom, kyan, and jai from queer eye for the straight guy
i met thom at one event, and kyan and jai at a separate event a few months later. my interaction with thom was ridiculously hilariously embarrassing but he was SO incredibly nice to me. he complimented almost everything about me: my shirt, my hair, my earrings, whatever. he told me i was adorable. i floated home on a cloud. when i met kyan and jai it was a really crazy affair and i couldn’t do much more than say hello.

6. morrissey
(okay, not really. more like i got on stage with him, held his hand, kissed him, and was moved along.)

7. patti labelle
i went to her concert a billion years ago and met her after the show, as she was leaving the building. she was such a sweetheart, stopping to talk with everyone, and when i met her i blurted out something like, “i love you, you’re beautiful” (god i am so annoying) and she gave me a big hug and said, “oh i love you too sweetheart!” heh. in other news: she is teensy tiny.

honorable mentions
(or, people i was extremely close to, but chickened out and didn’t actually meet)

1. michael stipe (sitting in the row behind me at a tori amos concert)
2. tori amos (outside a concert venue–different from the one above)
3. clay aiken (at a book signing that i didn’t want to line up at 5am for, so instead i showed up at noon and lurked in the bookshelves. seriously.)
4. phil donahue (on the street in chicago)
5. elliott yamin (after a concert)
6. laura bush (and jenna too) (at our favorite mexican restaurant in austin)

i’ve been sitting here staring at the list, certain that as soon as i click “save” that i’ll think of someone else, but i’m coming up dry for now.


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