lanceless: the full story

my husband and i are big lance armstrong fans. it started when we lived in austin, and it’s still going strong. we watch the tour de france every july, glued to our couch for the first half of each day for three weeks, totally disoriented once it’s over. we were SO excited to see lance kick the TDF’s ass every year for seven years, and we were sad to see him go. anyway, nutshell: we heart us some lance.

other, related, background: as you know, i’m a professor. this gives me the luxury of a ridiculously flexible schedule. i have boatloads and craptons of work to do–don’t get me wrong–but my time is my own 98% of the time. i can organize my tasks and my work time and my leisure time however i see fit. crazily enough, this year i have two course buyouts–one because i’m a new director for a large lecture course, and that gets me a release (because it’s hard, yo!); and one because i won a two-year grant to do some research–so that means that each semester this year, i only teach ONE class. even more unbelievably, because it’s a large lecture course, i literally only have to be in a classroom fifty minutes per week (the students are with their TAs in their discussion sections the other two fifty-minute periods each week). fifty minutes a week! how sweet is that? i realize this is a very very VERY lovely schedule. i appreciate it. i cherish it, in fact!

okay, so a few days ago, my husband learned that lance armstrong would be coming to our state capitol to lobby for our statewide smoking ban (w00t!). i don’t really know what the big connection is, but who am i to argue? anyhow, we also learned that after he did his thing at the capitol, he was going to come here to our town to do a press conference with the governor and our mayor. awesome!! my excitement was short-lived, however, when i realized that the date (and probable time) coincided with the only 50 minutes all week that aren’t mine to do whatever i want. boo!! i tried not to think about it too much… i was all, hey, who knows where he’ll even go in town, i bet it wouldn’t even work out or be convenient or whatever. ha.

on monday (the day before he was going to come), we learned where the press conference was going to be held, and i wish i could say that it was completely across town in a place i’d never been and would get lost trying to find, but no. he was doing the press conference FOUR BLOCKS AWAY FROM OUR HOUSE. seriously, i think my heart broke a little when my husband told me that. at first i thought he named the restaurant just to mess with me, actually. sigh. i bemoaned my bad luck loudly and often, and then i practically demanded that my husband go anyway. like i was seriously going to be pissed if he didn’t go. hee.

so yesterday i emailed people for pity (and got approximately zero) and whined and carried on and pouted, and then poked and prodded my husband to go with a friend of ours, which he did (yay!). once it was all over i wasn’t so sad anymore; it was fun to live vicariously through my husband. the press conference was pretty brief and there weren’t any long Q&A sessions or meet & greets or anything, so it was really more like, “yay i saw lance armstrong in person!” but still, it was cool and i’m really happy at least one of us got to do it! he took some pictures and a few of them turned out pretty great, so i’ll be posting them on the flickr soon.


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