a little overwhelmed

i just looked through this slideshow and i found several of the pictures very haunting. people make me so incredibly angry sometimes. here is the article that goes along with the slideshow, in case you haven’t seen it yet and you’re interested.

in the past few days i’ve stumbled across several totally different, but equally infuriating, stories about animal cruelty. there’s the US marine who threw a live puppy off a cliff (complete with horrifying video), the pro golfer who killed a hawk by aiming golf balls at him until he was successful (why? because the hawk was making noise and “ruining” the golfer’s stupid videotape), and now this story detailing the poaching trade. it’s all making me very sad.


One comment

  1. I understand what you’re feeling. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but then I’m rejuvenated when I meet new vegans who care about animal liberation as well. We’ll get there…we just wish it was now.

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